About Malachi Davis


Malachi Davis, once a highly recruited basketball player from New York City, adds a whole new aspect to the CANA Team. His friendships with NBA players and relationships with some big celebrities in the entertainment field make for some pretty essential partnerships. His ability to reach more urban areas allows CANA to reach a different demographic. Malachi majored in Creative Writing at New England College, and does a lot of blogs and writing pieces for the CANA Foundation. He is the host of our podcast: The CANA Project which is an initiative to reach the masses in a more hip and urban way. Malachi grew up in Queens to a young single mother who instilled so many of the moral values he holds dear today. Growing up in NYC’s inner city, his mom would take him horseback riding in Brooklyn. This sparked his interest and love for horses, so coming to CANA and fighting for this cause was something that resonated with him.

Posts by Malachi Davis: